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No business can possibly hope to still stay relevant without going digital in today's modern shopper's landscape.

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Not even a large corporation, we're talking about one wholly-owned by Singapore's own Land Transport Authority (LTA). In a recent article by Channel News Asia, the CEO of Ez-Link, admitted they've been slow to ride on the digitalised trend. Partly plagued by traditional infrastructure that was developed over a decade ago, the fact remain, corporations must start digitalising to tap on the growing trend of online shoppers of the 21st century.

They're not the first to experience the pressure of a digital world, after all, just over a year ago, another major player underwent the same challenges to catch up with the times. Despite being a cashless system for the longest period of time, Singapore's Nets payment system wasn't digital and thus the Nets push to bring the system digital and contactless was on.

But big players aren't the only ones facing the pinch.

As a matter of fact, more and more small businesses and SMEs are innovating and bringing their best products, offers, and even services online. Consumers can now easily place an order through their website or even on a mobile device (some have their own mobile app as well) with a good internet connection. Fast, simple and convenient.

We've covered a previous article before on the shopping spots we love, so this time, we've decided to uncover some unusual industries and businesses you may not know has hopped on the online bandwagon.

Furniture Industry

Gone are the days when people will walk into a furniture shop, examine the various sofas, couches, cabinets, or bed frames and make a purchase there and then. These days, most savvy consumers know better.

They'll look through the items on display, have a feel for the product, then go online to find the exact same model... at a discounted price.

And in the event they're unable to find the exact same model, some don't mind settling for a similar design or material.

Online Cabinets Shop

World Mall Cabinets logo

In our search, we found a unique cabinets furniture store specialising in different types of cabinets they bring in from around the region. Speaking with their operations director, we understand there are plans to go even wider and import newer designs from around the world.

As we explore some of their selection, it is easy to see why consumers love shopping for cabinets online. They have a wide collection of cabinets to choose from such as bookshelves, a stable item in almost all household. And then there are also lesser known furniture items like their TV consoles and also coffee tables and much more.

To see their range of products, do visit their online store, and remember to check out the promotions corner for even greater prices and discounts.


Consumer Products

Not surprising then you'll find many more consumer products shifting online in their own attempt to tap on the huge market on the internet. You may think perishable items may not be as popular online, but the trend shows otherwise. Consumers just love the easy convenience the online world brings as they can place an order with a few clicks of a button, then wait for their item to come within the next few days. 

Online Honey Shop

SN Honey House Logo

When it comes to homegrown success, this local honey retailer story is set to impress. With a wide collection of honey products they bring in from around the world, they're also on a mission to educate consumers on the various types of honey and their properties.

Most people are already familiar with the ever popular Manuka honey and its many health advantages, yet not many know about the other lesser popular monofloral and multifloral honey due to the fewer marketing coverage on these variations. With an online presence, SN Honey House can reach out to a wider audience and share deeper about uncommon honey like propolis and royal jelly both of which have high demand in other countries.


Automotive Industry

Buy and sell cars online? Just 5 years ago, this notion would have seen downright crazy.

Yet fast forward to the consumers of today and it is just another transaction, albeit at a much higher price point.

Think people are not ready to trade thousands of dollars through the internet? Well, these companies don't seem to agree.

Online Car Portal

Arcade SG logo

It's not just dealers who are looking to sell cars online, in fact, more and more car owners are looking for ways to reach other interested buyers. Gone are the days when people would put an ad on the classified, today, a mass market car portal is the way to go.

And that's exactly the direction Arcade SG wants to be in. Offering both direct users and existing car dealers with an easy to use platform was their goal. And it isn't just a site for buying used cars, they've also included helpful informational guide and also an up-to-date COE price chart for users.


Customer Service

And if you thought customer service based industries are spared, think again. These days, human interaction is no longer the single most important aspect of business as more and more consumers prefer convenience and would rather talk to a robot or a website to get what they need.

Carpet Cleaning Services

With the advent of the internet, more and more businesses are going online to market and advertise their services and an interesting business we found was a local office carpet cleaning company.

Given the fact that more companies are opting to have their flooring carpeted to present a professional ambience for their clients, it made perfect sense why most of these service providers package their carpet cleaning business with a whole range of other office cleaning services as well.


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