Going for Pokemon Go: 5 Places to Catch ‘em All

Pokemon Go was stealthily released in Singapore on 6 August, and the craze is still going strong. In fact, one Mr Terence Ho has already claimed the title as the first person in Singapore to catch all 145 Pokemon – including four rare Pokemon which are specific to other continents! If you’re playing the game too, or just want to hop on the bandwagon, here are some of the best places in Singapore to catch these adorable critters.


PokeStops and gyms galore! If you need to stock up on Pokeballs, Sentosa is one of the best places in Singapore to hit up. With more than 70 PokeStops at Resorts World Sentosa alone, you’ll never have to worry about running out of Pokeballs here. Rare Pokemon are in abundance too, with reports of lots of Pikachus making an appearance all over Sentosa. Looking to fill in your Pokedex with more water Pokemon? Head to the S.E.A. Aquarium, where Squirtles, Horseas and more are waiting for you to catch them. When you’ve got Pokemon with high enough CP, you can head to the gyms and battle it out too:

  • One at the midpoint of Sentosa Boardwalk [Reverie – Musical Journey]
  • Two at VivoCity at HarbourFront: [Orange and Blue Bubblemen and Water Feature at VivoCity]
  • Two at Resorts World Sentosa [Universal Studios Singapore Globe and Autobot Evac inside USS]
  • At least four on the rest of Sentosa Island [MerlionSiloso FountainsSouthern Most Point of Asia and Bridge to Palawan Island].


Image from http://www.rwsentosablog.com/pokemon-go/

Wildlife Reserves Singapore Parks

Don’t forget actual real life animals while going crazy over virtual critters! Get the best of both worlds by filling in your Pokedex at any one of the four Wildlife Reserves Singapore Parks: Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari or Jurong Bird Park. In fact, all four parks have released Pokemon Go edition maps. Farm those PokeStops, and catch those Pokemon! Download them here:

Click for full size PDFs. Maps from Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

Chinese and Japanese Gardens

The Chinese and Japanese Gardens have statues and pavilions dotted throughout the parks – many of them being PokeStops. Stock up on balls, potions and berries as you make your way around the gardens. Rare Pokemon such as Blastoise have been spotted here. Do note, that the Japanese Garden, located within the Chinese Garden, closes its gates at 7pm. Some trainers have made the news for climbing over the gates and trespassing – please don’t follow in their footsteps! To get to the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, simply take the green East-West MRT line to Chinese Garden MRT Station (EW25), which is only a short walk away.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road: shoppers’ heaven, food paradise and now, Pokemon hotspot. ION Orchard, especially, has been making headlines with the latest marketing campaign targeted at Pokemon trainers. A blitz of lures are being deployed at various PokeStops throughout the mall, making it one of the best places in Singapore to find new entries for your Pokedex. With free WiFi in the mall, there’s more reason than ever to fire up the app while having something to eat or drink within the area.

Hougang Avenue 10, Block 401

One unexpected gathering spot for Pokemon trainers has been Block 401 at Hougang Avenue 10. This random block of flats has seen a surge of Pokemon Go players descending upon it, especially after the super rare Gyarados was spotted one night. In fact, the crowds mean that police are stepping up patrols in the area "to monitor the situation for any law and order concerns". Want to try your luck here? Go to Hougang MRT Station (NE14) on the purple North-East line, then take bus numbers 113, 147 or 74 from Hougang Central Bus Interchange. Get off after 3 stops, opposite Punggol Park. Want some evidence of the craze? Check out the embedded video below.

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