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Indulge in a Relaxing Spa Experience

Modern day city life in Singapore can be highly stressful and demanding. Due to this fast-paced and busy lifestyle, there is the need for an outlet to ease the tension.

As a tourist, we’re pretty sure you will – at some point – get sore feet from those long walks around the city, endless shopping trips, or even the peak hour experience on MRTs and buses. Before boarding that plane and adding jet lag to your list of aches and (possibly) pains, why not rejuvenate with a relaxing spa experience?

Here are some of our spa relaxation recommendations:


Studies have shown that a massage delivers positive outcomes for patients and customers alike. By placing pressure on tight muscles, it removes tension and enhances relaxation thus toning body muscles and improving blood circulation. Better blood circulation would provide the body optimum delivery of oxygen, nutrients and minerals, making skin healthier and more glowing. Through a great message, the lymphatic flow is improved, allowing the body’s immune system to function at its optimum.

Singapore welcomes migrants from all walks of life, so you can have your pick of massage types, whether you’re looking for something that really hits the deep tissue like Thai massage, or a lighter, aromatic Indonesian oil massage. Chinese tui na, Japanese shiatsu and Indian ayurvedic therapy are all available too. If you’re not up for a full body massage and scrub which can take anywhere from an hour to three, you can opt for just shoulder, head or feet massages at reflexology centres.


Numerous benefits have been discovered from facial treatments. These include overall rejuvenation, skin cleansing, wrinkle reduction, hydration and stress relief. For tourists who do not have a lot of time to spare, a basic cleansing facial is highly recommended to quickly eliminates dead skin cells and revitalize the skin. Air travel is also extremely drying, so if you didn’t pack your own skin treatments or sheet masks for use inflight, you can opt for a soothing, hydrating facial too. Facials will not only clear the lymph nodes in your face and neck, they usually include light shoulder and head massages for an hour or two of quiet relaxation.

Nail Spas

A gentle nail massage can benefit your fingernails by increasing blood flow to the area, preventing the nails from becoming brittle and unsightly. A full manicure and pedicure (as opposed to express services) will have the dead skin meticulously removed, revealing healthy, soft skin beneath. If you’re wearing open footwear while in Singapore – which we recommend to maximise air flow and minimise sweaty feet! – these are great procedures to indulge in. Yes, even for men! There is a growing trend of men going for mani and pedi services in Singapore, although they usually opt out of getting nail polish and go for clean, buffed nails instead. Your hands and feet will be cleaned, scrubbed and lotioned during the mani and pedi, all while you lounge in a luxuriously comfortable padded chair. Ask for your cuticles to be pushed back instead of cut off if you have more delicate skin near your nail beds.

Paraffin wax treatments are also available. This are especially helpful if you have cracked and dry skin, as they help seal in emollients. In fact, this same procedure is used to help bring relief for issues such as osteoarthritis. Although there is not much published academic research on the benefits of manicures and pedicures for your nails’ health specifically, there is a certainly no harm to indulging in them, especially if you choose to forgo the nail polish. After all, clean, well-manicured nails do much for your overall grooming and appearance.

Spas are abundant in Singapore, and run the gamut from little hole-in-the-wall places to exclusive, indulgent experiences. Many can be found in the heartlands and malls, but some of the best spas are hidden in hotels. If you’re at the airport early or are stopping over for a few hours, there are spa services at Changi Airport too. Prices for your pampering can range from S$15 for express manicures to over S$500 for a day of massages and facials. Advanced booking is highly recommended, especially in more popular spas in Orchard Road, although some do allow walk-ins.

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